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This game is an implementation of the 1980s Dungeons & Dragons: The Electronic Board Game as shown by Noah "Spoony" Antwiler in a video on his Counter Monkey webseries, which can be seen here:​uboK9KovMnY. I ultimately decided to name it Dark Maze instead of the original name because of trademark concerns as well as the fact it doesn't really resemble Dungeons & Dragons.

After watching the video, I found no implementation of this game on the internet, so I decided to make one (and if there was I would probably do it anyway), with a self-imposed challenge to use no graphics whatsoever. All you see here is generated with HTML, CSS and ECMAScript. At first I thought of stealing borrowing audio from Spoony's video but they turned out really noisy. As of now it only has the single-player mode. This game also works well on the Android native browser (although with bugs), but not on Internet Explorer on Windows Phone (I don't own an iPhone nor iPad, so if you can test it and report to me,please do).

Original game concept © Mattel/Wizards of the Coast
Game developed by Jack Mcslay
This game is licensed under the GNU Public License V3

Version 1.0