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How to play

The objective of the game is to walk around a maze in complete darkness, get the treasure and escape safely.


At the beginning of the game, you mist pick a starting location. The starting location will glow green and your player (identified as ♟) will be placed there. Then click on adjacent blocks to start moving. If you successfully manage to move to another room, the room you moved to will glow until the end of the game. This indicates the room has been explored. If you hit a wall, the wall you hit will appear as a gray line and your turn will end.

The Dragon

Once you get within a 2 room distance from the dragon (including diagonally), the dragon will wake up, and the dragon marker (☠) will light up. Once the dragon is awake, he will chase player ate the rate of one room per turn. The dragon can move diagonally and fly over walls. If you enter the room the dragon is in, or the dragon catches up with you at the end of the turn, the dragon will attack you. Once the dragon attacks you, you will lose a life and you will be able to move 2 less rooms per turn. Every time you get attacked, the dragon marker will move to the room where you were attacked. If you get attacked 3 times, the game is over. If you get back to your starting location, the dragon will stop chasing you and get back to the treasure room. Be careful, though, because if the dragon lands on your starting location while you're in it, the game is over.

The Treasure

The room where the dragon sleeps is also the room where the treasure is in. Once you get the treasure, your turn will end and starting from the next turn, you will only be able to move 4 times per turn. While you are holding the treasure, your player marker will turn yellow and a black treasure marker(♛) will be placed at the treasure room. If you get attacked by the dragon while holding the treasure the game will end instantly. Once you get the treasure, your goal is to move back to your starting location. If you succeed, you win the game!